The beginners guide to opal selection and cost

Whilst it goes without saying that many people express their individuality through the purchase of stunning and unique jewellery, there are other considerations that will often influence purchasing decisions. Whether you admire diamonds, emeralds, ruby’s or exquisite opals, most people will select the right gemstone based on colour, shape, design preferences as well as cost.
Many people will consider personal preferences and cost together, whilst others will purchase opals based purely on colour and design with cost being a secondary consideration. Whatever your motivation may be for selecting an opal, Dennie Fickling Opals provides a few tips to consider as part of your decision making.
a) The key features that impact on opal pricing are brightness of colour, play of colour (colour changes that occur when the opal is moved), the pattern in the opal and finally the size.
b) Whilst you may select a particular colour because it grabs your eye, you will find in general that red is the most valuable colour, followed by orange, green, blue and purple.
c) You may have heard of the words ‘doublets’ and ‘triplets’ when describing opals. Suffice to say they refer in general terms to modifications made to the presentation and mounting of the gemstone, although we will cover these terms in depth in a later blog.
d) Opals mined in different regions across Australia such as Lightning Ridge, will vary considerably in colour, style and clarity.
From Black Opals to Boulder Opals and Solid Crystal Opals amongst others, no two stones are alike, and you will probably find those personal preferences we’ve talked about will guide your purchasing decisions followed closely by cost considerations.
If you’ve never purchased an opal before, then Dennie Fickling recommends talking to an opal specialist about the intricacies of this magical stone.
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