Should I set my opal in gold or silver

It’s fair to say that jewellery selection is a very personal choice. Individual preferences around the type of gemstones, their colour, shape and design, and whether you like gold over silver will generally guide your purchasing decisions. These same considerations apply when selecting Opals and deciding on whether to mount them in gold or silver.
Dennie Fickling Opals has a reputation for exceptional quality and presentation that is known in Australia and internationally. He personally assists clients in selecting beautiful gemstones and equally stunning settings. When making these decisions, Dennie provides the following pieces of advice based on his experience:
1) The ‘play of colour’ (colour changes when moved) is a key driver in the selection of Opals for most people. Therefore, let the different colour changes guide your setting choices.
2) Blue to blue/green Opals present beautifully in a silver or white gold setting.
3) Red Opals and the associated variations of that striking colour are stunning in yellow gold settings.
4) The cost of yellow and white gold is more expensive than silver, so cost considerations may impact on your purchasing decisions. Substituting silver for white gold will also save you money.
5) Depending on the ‘play of colour’, a combination of gold and silver will bring down the cost as well as provide beautiful colour variations in the settings.
6) Like any product, the pricing between Opal types will also vary according to supply and demand, and the personal purchasing preferences of buyers.
Before making a purchase, talk to opal specialist Dennie Fickling about the many colours and variations available that may fit your personal preferences and budget.
Dennie Fickling Opals is committed to providing customers in Toowoomba, across Australia and overseas with a quality product and value for money – all built on experience, expertise and exceptional customer service.
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Why buy from us?

I received the earrings and really like them. It is really amazing how all the opal stones I have purchased from you are so different.

Truthfully, I never saw myself purchase jewelry online, but I really enjoyed wearing all your pieces. You have made me a true opal lover!

Jackie, USA