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Personal preferences, be they colour, shape or the play of colour (colour changes when moved) are key drivers in the selection of Opals for most people.
But, lets focus on colour for the moment. Whilst Opals contain a mixture of colours, shades and textures, there is usually a predominant colour that stands out, with red being the most valuable, followed by orange, green, blue and purple.
The price of Opals is set by the normal market forces of supply and demand, and ultimately the amount individuals are prepared to pay for their gemstone. Regular supply is impacted by weather conditions, the level of mining in particular locations, input costs of the miners and the chance discoveries that are made on a daily basis by seasoned and new miners alike. Prices can vary considerably from time to time for the reasons outlined. Over time, the demand for predominantly red Opals has remained consistent, and as such their value has remained higher than other colours. In addition, with red being a rarer colour, these particular gemstones are consequently more valuable. Adding personal preferences of buyers into the mix, the order of value listed earlier in this blog tends to remain consistent.
Before making a purchase, Dennie Fickling recommends talking to an opal specialist about the many colours and variations available that may fit your personal preferences.
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