Opal types in Australia

People have written about the beauty of Opals in various literature for some 2000 years, where it has been described by writers in Europe and the UK as a highly prized and valuable gemstone. In Australia, whilst the Opal industry is said to have commenced just over a century ago, it is estimated today that over 90% of the world production comes from mines in the outback of the country.
Australian Opal can be divided into four main types, namely Black, Boulder, Light and Composite Opal. So, lets briefly touch on each type.
The term Black Opal is used to describe gemstones with a dark grey to black body of colour when viewed from directly above. It is considered the rarest and most valuable Opal.
Boulder Opals are mined across Western Queensland and are usually found in ironstone boulders, whence the name. This type of Opal displays brilliant and varied colours across the full face with a dark body tone.
Light Opal is a family of gemstones described as having an almost transparent appearance through to a milky white colour. It is often referred to as ‘White Opal’, although traditionally, that name belongs to the very white and milky coloured gemstones that seem to encapsulate the bright and vivid colours.
Composite Opals are often known in the marketplace by the general names of Doublet and Triplet Opals. They are made up of natural Opal that has been attached to an artificial substance such as some form of backing material or protective cover. We will explore the difference between Doublet and Triplet Opals in another blog.
Like any product, the pricing between Opal types will vary according to supply and demand and also the personal purchasing preferences of Opal buyers.
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