My father, George Fickling, guided me through all aspects of Queensland Boulder Opal production from cutting, grading, mining and pricing.about02

Born in Longreach, Central QLD Australia, George left school at the age of 13 to accompany his father as a Drover. It was on one of these long trips in the harsh outback that George was captured by the beauty of the opal.

While on horseback, he studied the areas in which opals were found lying on the ground and in mounds of rock. With every sighting, the beauty and brilliance of the opal struck George's imagination but it was not until years later that George was able to follow his dream as a prospector.

Now accompanied by my brother Kyle, we are proud to present some of the finest opals in Australia to the world.

All cutting and polishing is done by me [ Dennie]. I have been polishing opal for over 14 years and have polished about 40,000-50,000 opals in that time. I do contract cutting for dealers who sell there opal over seas and localy here in Australia.

My brother Kyle does the mining. All mining is open cut with heavy earth moving machines.

We also sell opal jewellery. Made localy and overseas.

Most of our opal and the opal I cut and polish goes to Germany at the moment.

Dennie Fickling

Why buy from us?

I received the earrings and really like them. It is really amazing how all the opal stones I have purchased from you are so different.

Truthfully, I never saw myself purchase jewelry online, but I really enjoyed wearing all your pieces. You have made me a true opal lover!

Jackie, USA